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Today, business using sophisticated solutions require greater accountability from the software vendor and reassurance that their investment in mission-critical software will have long-term, sustainable benefits. Unisource brings you a comprehensive and innovative ERP solutions designed to facilitate a more rewarding and value-added experience. We offer you a unique innovative ERP solutions that Go Beyond the core Product and give your business a strategic advantage. We offer Training and Support on all our innovative ERP solutions . Make Unisource you Business partner for life.


Having a network can become a competitive advantage when companies use it to increase employee productivity and open their business to new streams of revenue. Here’s a list of the benefits a network brings; if three or four address pain points in your company, you’re probably ready to deploy a network in your company.
1. Centralized IT administration:
It’s much easier and more efficient to manage the many computers that even a small company has from a single platform than it is to manage each of them individually. Also, IT administrators can remotely troubleshoot problems on computers across the network rather than doing it in person.
2. Added IT security:
Most network devices, including routers, have built-in security features like firewalls, which make them a much safer way to get users online than a modem. Also, backups performed over the network add a dimension of data security, and servers that are in a locked room can’t be stolen or otherwise accessed.
3. Better performance:
Servers designed to support a network are usually optimized for better performance, which is particularly useful for Web servers and email servers. When optimized servers are used for file or database servers, they can increase application and data availability, ultimately leading to more productive employees.
4. Centralized backups:
Data backups done over a network can be centrally managed and scheduled, which makes them more reliable (not to mention more likely to happen on a regular basis). They can also be saved to an off-site location. This means that your backups are secure and safe from any downtime or disasters at your office.
5. Reduced operating costs:
A network lets co-workers share office equipment, like printers, faxes, and storage devices; for instance, this means you can buy just one or two shared printers for an entire office to use rather than individual printers for each employee who might need one. Similarly, an office can share high-speed Internet access.
6. Better customer service:
With a network, customer service reps have easy access to all customer and product information at their fingertips. This lets them be more responsive and offer personalized services to each customer. When your reps are online, they can respond to customer queries by email, via Web-based forms, as well as through chat windows and phone calls.
7. Universal access to business applications:
A network gives all users, whether they work in the main office, a remote office or from home, universal access to the same business applications and company information. When you build a network, you also open up the possibilities of deploying advanced communications applications, like VoIP or video conferencing.
8. Real-time insight into the business:
Data, including sales figures, incoming orders and more, can be immediately accessed when it’s stored on a LAN. This gives management insight into what’s happening across the business when it happens, leading to more effective and intelligent decision making.
9. Workstations do not necessarily need their own hard disk or CD-ROM drives which make them cheaper to buy than stand-alone PCs.
10. User can save their work centrally on the network’s file server. This means that they can retrieve their work from any workstation on the network.
11. They don’t need to go back to the same workstation all the time.
12. Users can communicate with each other and transfer data between workstations very easily.
13. One copy of each application package such as a word processor, spreadsheet etc. can be loaded onto the file and shared by all users. 14. When a new version comes out, it only has to be loaded onto the server instead of onto every workstation.

Web Design

CEMCO has extensive experience in the area of Web design and development. Cemco has proficient and qualified web developers to offer web development services with a elasticity of broad spectrum of technologies. This particular area has given advertisement a new orientation and has given software use a new way of use. Every firm and company wants itself to be present in the cyberspace. We at Cemco help people get entry into this world. We provide high-tech web based application development. This is a particular field where we take advantages of our research to be deployed and the verity of this can be witnessed from the projects we have completed. This field is not only confined to the website development but also to a whole new world of use of the software. Web applications these days are the state of the art software combined with the advantages of being online everywhere. We are the best fit for development in this area.

Web Development

A website, also written as web site, or simply site, is a set of related web pages typically served from a single web domain. A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network through an Internet address known as a Uniform resource locator. All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the World Wide Web.
Some of the goals that can be achieved by launching a website include the following:
1. Far Cheaper and Much More Flexible Than Print Advertising :
The Internet is extremely different from print advertising in that space is cheap, your advertisement is accessible for a longer period of time, the content can be changed without having to ask someone to do it for you (if you use a content management system) and you can potentially reach a wider audience.
This is not to say that you should not use other forms of advertising at all You can use it to entice people to visit your website and find out about your company and potentially open two-way communication between the potential customer and a sales person.
2. Market Expansion :
The Internet has allowed businesses to break through the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer that has Internet access.
3. Diversify Revenue Streams:
A website is not just a medium for representation of your company, it is a form of media from which everybody can acquire information. You can use this media to sell advertising space to other businesses.
A recent trend has risen where businesses feature their very own directory of complimentary services, where the visitor can search for information on a business that will enhance the use of your service. The business sells complimentary businesses a listing in their directory.
A good example is a catering company featuring a directory with businesses such as event co-coordinators, electronic equipment rental companies, etc.
4. 24 7 365 :
No more turning customers away when its time to close shop, putting up a note saying closed for public holiday , or leaving an irritating message on your answering service specifying your trading hours tell them to visit your website for information they are looking for.
5. Offer Convenience:
It is far more convenient for a person to research a product on the Internet than it is to get in a car, drive somewhere and look for or ask someone for information on a product. Also, a potential customer won t have to judge a call centre agent to determine whether he/she has their best interests in mind, or just wants to make a sale. The potential customer can visit your website whenever they like in their own privacy and comfort, without the stresses and distractions that exist in the real world . Your website is a self-service medium for example, instead of having to wait in a long cue to pay your TV License, you can now do it electronically through the TV License website.
6. Add Value and Satisfaction:
By offering convenience, a point of reference and that touch of individualized customer service, you ultimately add value to your offering and your customers experience a higher level of satisfaction. Your website can add value in other ways too, by featuring tips, advice and general interest content you can entertain your customers. This will also help them remember you better.
7. Standardize Sales Performance:
By looking at which approached / pitches have worked in the past and those which have not, you can produce the ultimate pitch and use it with your website, so that you use it on every customer. No more training of sales people and waiting for them to get a feel for your line of trade.
8. Improve credibility:
A website gives you the opportunity to tell potential customers what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence. In fact, many people use the internet for pre-purchase research so that they can determine for themselves whether a particular supplier or brand is worthy of their patronage, and won t take them for a ride. The Internet also allows for Viral Marketing where your website visitors spread positive word-of-mouth about your business – your customers do your marketing!
9. Promote your Brick n Mortar Presence:
Getting lost trying to find a place can be frustrating for a potential customer. You can publish what they call a dummy map on your website, which shows directions and landmarks graphically, and the potential customer can print it out when looking for your Brick n Mortar premises. You might advertise a promotion on your website encouraging the visitor to visit your Brick n Mortar premises (e.g.. At a branch near you! ). Also, if you recently moved to a new location, you will have to wait for the next ‘phone directory to come out before people figure out where you currently are. Because a website is flexible you can change the content as you like you can change you contact details instantly and lower the risk of losing customers when moving to a new location.
10. Growth Opportunity:
A website serves as a great place to refer potential investors to, to show them what your company is about, what it has achieved and what it can achieve in future.
11. Two-Way Communicative Marketing:
Customers can quickly and easily give feedback on your product and/or marketing approach.
12. Cheap Market Research:
You can use features on your website such as visitor polls, online surveys and your website statistics to find out what your customers like more and how they feel about certain aspects of your business to determine how you can improve your product and the way you do business.

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