Proposed Projects

Micro Hydro Plants
80 Micro hydro Plants have been surveyed and assessed for technical feasibility. These are for Mansehra, Torghar,and Kohat. These will be proposed for donors and NGO funded. The range is 30-500Kw.
1: Solar System for Tube Wells
CEMCO has surveyed and assessed the public health and agriculture tube wells which consumed a high rate of WPADA energy. We have proposed 100 tube wells for solarization.
2: Biogas Plants and Ecological Sanitation
Biogas Plants proposed For Eight Union Council
Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technology (PCRET) KP Pakistan and CEMCO jointly recommended the structure, design and cost is economical as estimated for each household is Rs 58,183 m3 as estimated for 180 households, and one community biogas plant.

Regional Offices

Karachi Office

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